I realise that I have been tensing up quite a bit into 2022. Probably it is to do with the cabin fever via being in Singapore and also because of the increasing work stress of late.

Note to myself to remember to find avenues to relax, focus on what matters, and not lose sight of the big picture. It will all be better soon as well. :)

Happy that I got offered for a Masters in Financial Management with the University of Manchester, and will be starting on the part time course in August 2022 — for 2 years.

Meanwhile, a reminder to self to work hard to complete the Diploma in Regulatory Compliance that I am doing now on time, so that I can have some time in between to make any job transition where possible.

Just looking through my degree certificates and work testimonials made me realise that I still have more to walk along this journey of pushing myself to the best I can be.

Reason being: I got approached by a university headhunter, who asked me for the above. It made me realise how much I have come, and how much more I have to go.

Issue is — what kind of engines do I rely on to push myself this time? It’s something to think about.

Anyway, all I can say is, life is about constantly fighting fate. We shall see where I end and land.

Quite happy to have gotten a promotion recently…I guess it has vindicated my decision to move into Compliance. On top of that, it is a promotion with an added set of responsibilities in Data Privacy.

Finally, I can say that things are more stable as well — but just to…

The workplace is not a place to make friends, but a place to work hard, stay positive and see where I can go.

Hence, I should not be sharing too many personal details of my life to coworkers…must remember the lessons of past.

The recent high key in-camp training has sort of allowed me to see how much I’ve grown ever since my NS days, and how much human behaviour can impact upon how others react to you.

At the same time, I am drifting further and further from being able to handle the less educated folks. Guess that is a byproduct of this growth in myself.

Reminder to self — I need to be careful of what I say, to which people, and whether they can take it. Singapore society is still by and large, broadly conservative, and I can’t be going around expecting that change will happen overnight that will turn the society towards greater liberalism. It will take time.

Well…I can say that finally, I seem to have reached a stable state. I haven’t really felt like this since 2019.

How long this lasts — we shall see, but even if I switch jobs just a year into the current one, I think we can safely say that my career path should be pretty stable now and gone are the days where I have to keep worrying about career stability because of the need to bring in numbers consistently.

It is probably safe to say that I can start dreaming a bit again — something which I haven’t really done since early 2019 as well.

Kind reminder to myself: This path I am walking, I must do my best to succeed in it.

Life will get tougher from here and I best be ready for it.

Benjamin Lee

So, what shall I write?

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